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TED Talks, on hormone disruptors.

23 Jun

Organic Rant. Mean and trying to be green.

21 Jun

For those folks attempting to follow the organic, green, healthy path I am asking you to join me in this rant. Recently I’m realizing just how effortlessly MUCK is creeping its way into products labeled “organic”, from food items to bath and body products. This is by no means a solution blog… as much as it is a true rant.

Let’s start with a short lesson. What is USDA and when does it apply? USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture. It applies only to food products. If you see their mark on items other than food items, you can be assured that they probably are not USDA Certified, since the USDA only certifies food products as organic. There are stringent guidelines for the use of this labeling, which gets me right to the heart of this matter. If there really are stringent guidelines, how do vegetables from China end up at Whole Foods  marked “organic”? Not only are they at Whole Foods, they’re Whole Foods’ own brand. I shouldn’t pick on the giant, really. Because I would guess that this particular one comes to mind because of the YouTube video… but I bet there are dozens, if not hundreds, of culprits in this category. You may also note that the USDA seems to swap corporate leaders with Monsanto on a pretty regular basis. If you know about Monsanto, this should make you pretty mad.

Next, let’s talk about bath and body products. I have to say that I read a book years ago that got me obsessed with checking labels. I really thought I knew what to look for. I would check items in the Cosmetics Database often, but I guess I became lax. Several weeks ago I did a sweep of my bathroom and removed any product over a 2 on the Cosmetics Database. If I couldn’t find the particular product I searched by ingredient. Honestly I was really irritated, and I still really am. When I look at the box of products that I paid a higher price for, under the belief that I was getting a superior, cleaner, safer product. I know I blogged in detail about that, already, so I won’t repeat what I’ve already written in that regard.

We’re led to believe this is where our food is grown.

What I will say, is this: I feel like, as consumers, we are taken for idiots. We’re being taken for a ride by advertising. Our egos try to compensate by purchasing a more expensive, supposedly environmentally safe alternative – when in fact, all we’re doing is paying more. Maybe it just makes me upset because I have a box of items in the $8-$15 range – all of  which I over paid for, and there are… 40-50 items in that box. You do the math – or – do a sweep of your house and see how you’re really doing.

Try not to beat yourself up about it, too much. For me, it was watching the movie “Bag It” that really brought it home for me. My ego loves to recycle. I’m proud that some weeks I don’t even have garbage for the garbage man. Typically I only generate one bag of trash per week. But to realize that most of the items I recycle probably never really make it back into production really saddens me. I feel wasteful. I find myself re-purposing containers, old clothing items, really anything I can to keep from adding to the mountains of trash we create each week.

It’s sad really. I’m tired of feeling like a paper boat in the ocean so I’m doing something about it. If I help one person’s light bulb come on, I feel like I’ve succeeded. Now, go to the database and check a few of your favorite products to get a feel for what you’re putting into your tissues and bones on a daily basis. It’s important. Learn about it, then share it with someone you care about. :)

That is all.
Thank you for reading.

The Story of Stuff

21 Oct

You’ve got to watch The Story of Stuff. It paints a great picture of how chemicals in everyday products are affecting health, nationwide. The Story of Stuff will get you thinking on who you support, and where you spend your dollars.

Remember – your dollars are your votes! Please let me know your thoughts once you watch!

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