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GMO Foods and what they REALLY do inside your body.

4 Jul

GMO foods are evil. I’ve written a hub about them on HubPages. I hope you’ll hop over to read it… this is very important. Please share!

Here’s an excerpt:

“GMO Corn, one of the top five US GMO crops is genetically modified to be “RoundUp Ready”. What does that mean? It means that there are chemicals grown in the plant that will allow it to live when drenched in Round Up, Monsanto’s signature toxic soup. This hideous chemical leeches into the ground contaminating soil. And many Monsanto seeds are bred to have what is commonly known as the “suicide gene” meaning that the plants borne from GMO seeds are infertile. The seeds can not be used to create a new crop, thus forcing the farmer to purchase more GMO seeds for next year’s crop.

So what’s the problem with eating GMO foods? The short answer: Obesogens. That sounds ugly, right? It is. Our bodies are magnificent, protective machines. They self-regulate and protect us in ways that many do not understand. One of the ways our bodies react to pesticides and toxic chemicals is to store them in fat cells, then release them slowly into the body so they can be eliminated safely. When we overdose on nasty chemicals our bodies respond in a protective manner, holding these chemicals for us, until they can safely be released in a slow manner, so as not to kill us.”

Read more here: “GMO: Monsanto’s dirty little secret.”

The basics of the article include:

  • How GMO and BT products are stored in the body
  • How BT Corn can create a literal chemical factory INSIDE your body
  • How GMO corn gets into the body (other than eating corn).
  • Hidden sources of GMO foods, and more.



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