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Excellent Alternative to Redmond Clay Daily Detox Bentonite Clay Capsules

27 Jan

If you’re a regular crunchy vegan who uses natural supplements regularly you’ve surely used Bentonite Clay for innumerable things! From a detoxifying skin mask to a relaxing foot bath, bentonite clay has many uses. However, if you take it internally for any reason you know that using a powdered loose version can be a clumpy slimy mess.

For several years I’ve used Redmond Clay Daily Detox, and for some reason last month (December 2016) the price skyrocketed, and then the product sold out everywhere. While the two products are not exactly the same, Medi-Clay-FX is an excellent replacement to my former favorite brand.

The differences are mainly in the serving sizes and mg per capsule, which you can adjust as needed.

Redmond Clay Daily Detox suggests 3 capsules per serving and provides 71 mg of Sodium, and 2175 mg of Bentonite.

Medi-Clay-FX suggests 1 capsule per serving and provides 500 mg of bentonite clay.

Dr. Axe gives a great lecture on the uses of Bentonite Clay:




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Organic Holiday Gifts for your Love

13 Dec

Do you need a luxurious, high-quality organic gift for your wife, girlfriend, or the gentleman in your life? You’ve landed in the right place.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic has expanded their product line to include everything from home care and cleaning products to a high quality organic men’s skincare line. Even your pets can enjoy the pampering.

What’s new?

whole product line image - for Facebook banner

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Men’s:

After Shave & Moisturizer

Massage a small amount on freshly shaved skin to moisturize and prevent razor burn. Provides soothing, nourishing and healing benefits. Use between shaves as general moisturizer for face and neck.

Your Price: $15.95


Men’s Shave Gel

Enriched with natural oils, avaMEN non-foaming shave gel softens hairs on your face for easy, clean removal. Gentler on skin than regular soaps. Perfect to use in and out of the shower.

Your Price: $12.95

We’ve also added non-toxic Auto Care – with our no water Auto Wash and leather care, for your car’s interior.

For the Ladies on your List


Our coconut wax candles are highly concentrated and long lasting. There’s no comparison! The Lavender scent is like nothing I’ve experienced, and with our additional scents: peppermint, chai tea, and lemongrass, there’s truly something for everyone.

Ava Skin and Ava Body product lines are also a classic favorite. Give the gift of non-toxic this year! We will not disappoint. Order now, for delivery in time for the Holiday!

Ava Anderson Non Toxic uses the highest quality organic ingredients whenever possible. Many of our skin-care products come in our classic citrus scent. Indulge your senses with natural, subtle scented products that nourish and moisturize.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Review

3 Aug

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