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Natural Nutrition Guru: A brief introduction.

15 Oct

For the past 16 years I’ve had a fascination with biology, nature, and the gifts of our world. Namely health and healing, natural home remedies, whole food nutrition, and really anything that encourages us to get back to basics. In our fast-food society of instant gratification we still seem to be searching for that magic pill.  Sadly for those who struggle with health or weight issues, most don’t have the energy to make a real effort, and many, while they  have a desire to change, find it difficult to implement long-term, healthy lifestyle changes.

If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely that we’ve faced similar struggles. I wasn’t blessed with a fast metabolism, “skinny genes” or a perfect physique. In my lifetime I have lost 95 lbs. the “old-fashioned” way (yes, diet and exercise). I’ve also gained some back, done the yo-yo, and tried and failed many times. I’ve done low-carb, vegan, The Zone, Atkins, and just about any other formula that I thought was the magic combination. There is no magic combination. However, by adding a variety of whole foods to your diet you can drastically change how you feel which will, in turn, change how you feel about participating in your own self-recreation.

What I’ve learned over the past 16 years is that the human brain resists rigidity. While routines and schedules are the brain’s natural way of organizing information the opposite seems to apply with self-restriction. Specifically, when your brain perceives something as a restriction the bratty teenager comes out, resisting, whining, complaining… “but.. I WANT a piece of cake!” – and who doesn’t?! (mmmm cake…)

The reality is that many of us think that we don’t have the will or the drive, and to this I’ll use my favorite quote “Don’t believe everything you think.” We ARE our thoughts. The moment you limit yourself, you limit yourself.

Our bodies are wired for pleasure, and food should be both delicious and nutritious. Nobody wants to choke down things they don’t like – and frankly nobody will stick to something that isn’t enjoyable. I encourage you to find a healthy balance. The more often you practice moderation the easier it will become. In fact, the more you fuel your body with whole foods that it can readily use the more energy you’ll have and the symptoms of living on stripped down, processed foods will become less and less desirable.

Amazingly as you become healthier your taste for chemically processed garbage will fall by the wayside, cravings disappear – and often people find themselves craving healthy, whole, nutritious foods. You really are what you eat. The quality of your health is in direct proportion to the quality of your diet and amount of physical activity.

The content of my blog will vary from discussions about specific foods, food allergies, common conditions and my personal resistance to having every US citizen dependent on pharmaceutical drugs for one thing or another. I will also discuss mental practices and discuss the power of the spoken word, the power of thought, meditation, and consciousness aspects when appropriate.  I believe that our bodies are intelligent and know how to heal themselves. The intelligence that created every atom in the universe also created you. Take a breath, smile, and know that you’ve come to the right place.

If you have a suggestion, question, idea for a blog or any other feedback please get in touch. My writings will be based on fact and mutual respect. A wise man by the name of Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” I happen to think he was on to something.

Happy eating!

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