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Food Fight

15 Oct

I’m going to open this blog by saying that I love yummy food as much as the next person. Some things are more difficult to change than others. Some things I choose not to give up for health reasons. Others, I simply can not make excuses for continuing. I also understand that PETA can be as psychologically abusive as television advertising. The difference is, one of them has a good reason for what they’re doing, and the other doesn’t.

By accident, last week, I stumbled upon this: and while I’ve been on the vegan fence for about 3 years now, this was another push. I refuse to support factory farming and animal cruelty. I refuse to support Monsanto, makers of frankenfood.

Briefly I want to explain what GMO foods are created for, so that I can stop a few eyes from rolling and perhaps get a few eyebrows to raise. Genetically altered plants created by Monsanto are created to breed PESTICIDES – yes, you read that right. They don’t put fish DNA in a tomato to make it healthier, or to make it produce a higher vitamin content (we can do this by farming organically, and composting.) – they do it so that when a bug eats their plant, it dies. Now if you take into account the little bacterial factory that lives in your gut and how those bacteria may reproduce, then consider that you wouldn’t drink a bottle of Raid… where exactly is the benefit in this?

The claim is higher crop yields, but if you watch a few documentaries you’ll soon realize this is hardly true. Plus, when a farmer uses a Monsanto seed, that seed yields a plant with sterile seeds. So that the farmer can no longer save seeds, if he does, they won’t grow. The right to patent life needs to be revoked, and frankly genetic modification by any means other than crossbreeding should be a punishable crime.

Florida Crystals, makers of sugar cane, is one of the wealthiest companies in the world – up there with Johnson & Johnson. Now take modern science and brave doctors who are willing to step outside of the box, risk their careers, and allow patients access to the truth about sugar and cancer. Many of these doctors have had their lives threatened. Cancer can not survive in your body without simple sugar. If I were a doctor, I’d be in trouble for saying that. Obviously,  I’m not.

It’s actually illegal for a doctor to tell a patient about a “natural cure” – doctors are for managing symptoms. I suppose if doctors were about cures, they wouldn’t be in business. But they’re happy to give you a pill for it, and then another pill to manage the side-effects of the first pill, and then maybe a few more so that you can sleep, deal with your depression, and still work and live.

Oprah was sued after her first feature of Food, Inc. by the beef industry because after her comments on beef, the treatment of animals, and factory farming there was a significant drop in sales, nationwide. So, nobody’s allowed to talk about it unless you’re someone without an MD., in which case people will just assume that you’re talking out of your arse.

Recent discoveries in DNA research show that our DNA is more like software running a computer. Just like a data analyst would say, GIGO (Garbage in, garbage out). If you send your body the right signals with food, it will happily produce cancer for you. But on the contrary, if you feed it a different set of signals, diseases seem to melt away. Arthritis can easily be dealt with if you make a few diet modifications. Even diabetes can be managed – even cured, in many cases, thru diet. Aspartame has recently been proven to have ties to CAUSING diabetes – yet, it was created for people who needed sugar-free alternatives.

I think we often forget that our planet and all of its creations were specifically made for the species that live here. Including us. I’m not suggesting that I won’t eat a free-range steak a few times a year. I’m not suggesting that I’ll eat perfectly every day from now til eternity… but I do know that I have a choice. I do know that mother nature knows what she’s doing, and we, in our higher selves, also know right from wrong.

We are the stewards of this planet. We have one shot. When we look back at this time in history, our children will ask us why we didn’t do something? Why we didn’t talk about this… why we tortured animals, lied, and supported organizations like the FDA for poisoning our water, our food supply, and our minds. Why we ridiculed doctors who told the truth, and looked down our noses at people who stood up for what was right.

I’m starting to sound like a PETA video… but you know what?? I kinda don’t care anymore. We need to do what’s right. Our purchases ARE our votes – at least the ones that count. Buy organic and cruelty-free. Grow, plant, and consume less… and for now.. I’ll hop off the soap box :)

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