Honey: Medicine or Sweet Poison?

18 Oct

Honey: liquid gold or just another sweet poison? Depending on the type of honey and how it’s used it could be either. There are different types, qualities, and each have different properties. Most importantly for health benefits you’ll want to use raw honey. Your specific goals will determine if, and what type of honey is best.

Undiluted raw honey has been shown to have powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant properties. When undiluted raw honey is consumed it also retains the vitamin, mineral, and enzyme content naturally found in many raw foods. In addition, consuming honey on a regular basis can help to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

Single flower honey is truly a sensory experience and ranges from light to dark. Single flower honey is a great boost for the immune system. For help with allergies local wildflower honey is best. Among single flower honey varieties the antioxidant content can vary greatly. According to Beeway Honey a single flower buckwheat honey has nearly 20 times the antioxidants than honey produced from California Sage.

The flavor, color, texture, even acidity of honey varies. The best way to find your favorite is to do some research depending on your goals, then experiment! Personally, I love the selection at the Nashville Farmer’s Market.

When honey is heated (pasteurized) or diluted it loses its benefit as a health food and is akin to any other sugar based sweetener. Use it wisely, and in moderation. If you’re monitoring your sugar intake I suggest using honey only while undiluted.

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