Toxic Cosmetics Lurking in my Home – STILL!!!

11 May

As you can tell by my blog topics and archive, I’ve been cleaning up my act for sometime now. I must admit that I can be a know-it-all – and this week I have been humbled. Not only humbled, but also shocked, surprised, and honestly a little bit angry. Here’s why: when one embarks on this journey to clean up ones life there’s certainly a learning curve. You learn that the healthiest things don’t come in packages, and even those organic packaged foods are still junk food with a fancy label. You learn that animal products and chemicals are hidden everywhere. If you haven’t seen the Story of Stuff, it’s below.

If you’re anything like me, you may also think that because you know the red flags to look for that you really do know your products. Much of my ego has played into feeling that I was making better choices than most of the people I know – and while that’s not WHY I do it – I’ve really patted myself on the back and tooted my own horn about it. If you follow my blog you likely know me in some way – so you know that I am proud of buying CLEAN products, clean food, and supporting companies that I believe make a difference in this world.

Here it comes. I WAS WRONG and I AM ANGRY! I’ve used the Cosmetics Database many times over the past few years to look up products. The database rates products toxicity from Zero (not harmful) to 9, very harmful. I picked a range of products from things I use daily (shampoo, deodorant) to things I use occasionally (OFF!, facial masque, cheap body spray) and everything in between. First, here’s a visual. Do you recognize any of these products? Do it yourself – I posted a hub about it here: How to Detoxify your home.

Toxic Products including shampoo, lotion, mineral makeup, organics and more.

All of these toxins combined create a deadly cocktail in your body, and what goes on your skin goes IN your body.

So you may be wondering why the anger? What’s the big deal? I buy everything from organic lotion to organic dish soap. The price point on these items is much higher than supposed toxic products. But since I’m a know-it-all – my motto has been “You get what you pay for!” Not true. Hence the outrage. You’re telling me that my overpriced shampoo, conditioner and lotion are the exact same poor quality as everything else on the shelf? Yes, it’s true.

Fine, if you know me – you know I prefer solutions to complaining. I took the plunge this week to join Ava Anderson Non-Toxic as a consultant. I am already passionate about this subject, and now I am empowered. Let me tell you something folks… I THOUGHT I KNEW my organics. I really did. After trying TRULY organic products that are clean and made with minimal ingredients I can’t even explain. I have not dyed or processed my hair in over 10 years – it has not felt this healthy – ever. It feels like hair again! The frizz is gone (and I didn’t have to use my dimethicone-based “serum” either!) My skin feels flawless, and not like it has a coating of garbage over it.

I will never, never ever, ever ever go back to the old way… no more blinders, no more wasted dollars at drug stores, whole foods, trader joes. I’m done with the cosmetics and personal care industry. There is a new way… and as you may have guessed, I am completely on board. Once you go clean you’ll NEVER go back.

Watch for my Ava Anderson non-toxic review – where I tell you about my experience with the products!
(Review is linked here!)

I will be reviewing the following: Ava Lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, blush, cleanser, scrub, moisturizer, toner, body lotion, body wash, and haircare products.
CAN’T WAIT – but duty calls – I have some design deadlines to tie up first.

Top 5 Spices in my Kitchen (Medicine) Cabinet

9 Mar

Spices have amazing properties. There are entire websites and books dedicated to their healing attributes. Today, I’d like to cover a few basic staples. As with all supplements, they should be taken with caution. If you take any medication check with your pharmacist about possible interactions before adding spices to your supplement regimen.

Cinnamon has been getting praise as of late, in regards to its ability to assist in blood sugar management. Even the Mayo Clinic says that patients with type II diabetes can benefit from taking a cinnamon supplement. It’s said to lessen the impact of sugar on the blood.

According to German research it can also “supress completely” the bacteria that causes urinary tract infections, as well as assist in controlling the fungus candida albicans.

Cinnamon can eliminate many of the types of bacteria that cause food poisoning, and when mixed with ginger you can easily avoid stomach upset and reduce the symptoms of food poisoning.

Keep in mind that using cinnamon is not like taking a typical OTC medication. It contains compounds that thin the blood. Cinnamon also assists in metabolic function and according to can reduce cholesterol, as well. One great way to monitor your intake is to take it in supplement form – or if you like the controlled portion but love the flavor, pull the capsule apart and sprinkle it on food, or in a beverage. I use it on many different things – next summer try it on some watermelon! Cinnamon will also assist in cleansing the liver and detoxifying the blood.

Turmeric is a beautiful yellow spice that will stain just about anything you get it on! Traditionally used in Indian curry dishes turmeric is now known as one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory spices in the natural supplement kingdom. In many countries it is used as a treatment for cancer, namely prostate. Some studies suggest that it may remove plaque buildup from the arteries, and the brain. It was shown to prevent the spread of breast cancer in mice, and of course more research on humans is needed.

Of all spice supplements, in my humble opinion, turmeric is king. It has also shown positive effects for arthritis sufferers. Check out this great list 20 Health Benefits of Turmeric.

A word to the wise (and not-so-wise): after dealing with a shoulder pain for several weeks, I decided to try using turmeric topically as my late-night googling suggested. I made a nice paste with some aloe vera gel, put it on, and covered it with a large gauze. The next day, it wouldn’t wash off. My skin was stained for nearly a week, and afterwards peeled like a sunburn. I do not recommend this!

Fresh Ginger Root
 If you like spices with a bite, its likely you may have forgotten about ginger. While the dry ginger in the spice aisle certainly has its place, there’s nothing like the bite of freshly grated or juiced ginger root. If you do a lot of juicing with apples, try adding an inch of ginger root. It will keep your apple juice white! (The brown color comes from oxidation.) Much like cinnamon, ginger is known in traditional medicine to help with symptoms of arthritis, thin the blood and reduce cholesterol.

Ginger is great for upset stomach, and is known to calm down stomach upsets due to some strains of food poisoning. In China ginger is used to calm a cough. There are many uses for ginger (not to mention, it’s really yummy!).

Cayenne Pepper
Of my list of staple spices to keep in the cupboard/medicine cabinet cayenne pepper is often forgotten. It’s bite is certainly as loud as its bite. One year someone brought an awful virus to the office. You know the drill, one day Mark can’t swallow and he thinks he has strep, and two days later Phil calls out. A few more days and your throat is on fire. Mark is the first to visit the doctor. He’s told he has a virus, and he should be nearly through it. The Dr. basically says “wait it out.”

Mark gets that call from a crazy relative about cayenne pepper. We’re all miserable enough to try it. Behold.. it works. Here are the most pleasant ways to take it: 1. Mix it in some tomato soup. or 2. Mix it in hot chocolate (dark is best!). You need enough to bite the pain in your throat, literally. It should sting. Sip slowly to ensure the longest amount of time spent in this “stinging” phase. Repeat 2-3 times a day, it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 days to work. While I don’t know the mechanism of this, I will say: I have not had a cold in 5 years, since I learned this trick, the moment I feel a tingle I have cayenne pepper.

While it is more pleasant in a good dark hot chocolate, monitor your sugar intake anytime you’re fighting a cold – and if you still drink that nasty sugar water that I so dearly love (my personal weakness, Dr. Pepper) remember that 1 can of soda can take your immune system down for 24 hours.

Like the other top-5, garlic is a potent medicine. It is known to have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol garlic is another spice that has a list of health benefits. Much like ginger, while it’s dried variety is fine for cooking, its health properties are best found from the raw form. Because of its strong flavor, many people opt to take a it in supplement form.

Here’s a great list from of the healing properties of garlic. As always, do some of your own research and ask a medical care professional or pharmacist before adding spices to your daily regimen. They can be quite powerful – they can also be quite wonderful!

On that note, stay warm, stay healthy – and for a delicious way to combine all 5 of my favorites, see my last post with my Butternut Squash Soup recipe. Please let me hear if you try any of my suggestions. I’d love to hear about your experience.

Excellent Alternative to Redmond Clay Daily Detox Bentonite Clay Capsules

27 Jan

If you’re a regular crunchy vegan who uses natural supplements regularly you’ve surely used Bentonite Clay for innumerable things! From a detoxifying skin mask to a relaxing foot bath, bentonite clay has many uses. However, if you take it internally for any reason you know that using a powdered loose version can be a clumpy slimy mess.

For several years I’ve used Redmond Clay Daily Detox, and for some reason last month (December 2016) the price skyrocketed, and then the product sold out everywhere. While the two products are not exactly the same, Medi-Clay-FX is an excellent replacement to my former favorite brand.

The differences are mainly in the serving sizes and mg per capsule, which you can adjust as needed.

Redmond Clay Daily Detox suggests 3 capsules per serving and provides 71 mg of Sodium, and 2175 mg of Bentonite.

Medi-Clay-FX suggests 1 capsule per serving and provides 500 mg of bentonite clay.

Dr. Axe gives a great lecture on the uses of Bentonite Clay:




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Organic Holiday Gifts for your Love

13 Dec

Do you need a luxurious, high-quality organic gift for your wife, girlfriend, or the gentleman in your life? You’ve landed in the right place.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic has expanded their product line to include everything from home care and cleaning products to a high quality organic men’s skincare line. Even your pets can enjoy the pampering.

What’s new?

whole product line image - for Facebook banner

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Men’s:

After Shave & Moisturizer

Massage a small amount on freshly shaved skin to moisturize and prevent razor burn. Provides soothing, nourishing and healing benefits. Use between shaves as general moisturizer for face and neck.

Your Price: $15.95


Men’s Shave Gel

Enriched with natural oils, avaMEN non-foaming shave gel softens hairs on your face for easy, clean removal. Gentler on skin than regular soaps. Perfect to use in and out of the shower.

Your Price: $12.95

We’ve also added non-toxic Auto Care – with our no water Auto Wash and leather care, for your car’s interior.

For the Ladies on your List


Our coconut wax candles are highly concentrated and long lasting. There’s no comparison! The Lavender scent is like nothing I’ve experienced, and with our additional scents: peppermint, chai tea, and lemongrass, there’s truly something for everyone.

Ava Skin and Ava Body product lines are also a classic favorite. Give the gift of non-toxic this year! We will not disappoint. Order now, for delivery in time for the Holiday!

Ava Anderson Non Toxic uses the highest quality organic ingredients whenever possible. Many of our skin-care products come in our classic citrus scent. Indulge your senses with natural, subtle scented products that nourish and moisturize.

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